I am interested in methodological explorations, particularly related to participatory and other non-conventional methods. Together with colleagues, we have organized several events to share ideas and experiences around participatory methods and to think about what participation actually means in this context.

As a result, I have co-edited a special issue on Participatory Methods in Migration Research in the journal Migration Letters. On top of the editorial, there are 11 contributions by colleagues on topics as interesting as the risks of the glorification of the methods, experiences with participatory theatre, possibilities of collaborative lawyering, group drifting, participatory photography, etc.

I have used photography as part of broader research designs. You can see below two participatory projects carried out in 2015 in Bilbao and 2016 in Barcelona using photography: a project of Photovoice and a project of Photowalks. Working along with colleagues, both inside and outside Academia, we have published two articles reflecting on the Photovoice experience:

After the 2016 project on photowalks, I am also starting to reflect on the potentialities of group walking as a relevant research technique.

Photowalks: Fotopaseos por El Carmel 2016

During 2016 three Photowalks were carried out in a peripheral neighbourhood of Barcelona.

This participatory research technique combines the input of photography to focus and elicit meanings, in the context of the togetherness and mutual knowledge creation bring about by walking in a group.




Photowalks were based on previous research experience with photovoice, but include the importance of bodily dispositions in enacting knowledge about a shared socio-geographical common space.



Photovoice: Cámara a cuestas 2015: Miradas que transforman

Proyecto participativo de fotovoz con mujeres migradas en Bilbao: